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Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore

Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore
Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore- Each company within the government's scheme needs to provide EPF or the Employee Provident Fund. This is a future financial asset for retirement. This comes under the Labour Laws of the Indian Government, Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 is compulsory for every company that has a minimum strength of 20 employees. The scheme ensures end-of-the-service benefits for the employees of a secured retirement fund, the family pension in case the authorized died during the service.
Prakasha & Co is a registered Legal service provider and a Law firm that helps businesses with Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore. Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore- Prakasha & Co.   Bangalore is one of the major sectors of the economy It attracts a wide strength of employees. Nationwide there are over 11.80 crores of Employee Provident Fund Registered members out of which Bangalore holds 4.5 Crores of active Employee Provident Fund Registered members. The company needs to follow a procedure for the registration. The legal team at Prakasha & Co provides Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore in three simple and quick steps.
  • Consultation and form filling of the registered employees
  • Associating with the affiliates for data verifications.
  • Offering the employers with registered PF numbers.

Who is Eligible for Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore 

Bangalore, a hub of companies requires to step onto the states of terms and conditions to get the registration of Employee Provident Fund.  There is a specific criterion which if fulfilled any company owner can get the Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore from Prakasha & Co. Here are the following necessities.
  • A firm must have 20 or more employees. 
  • The central Government of India requires the registration of at least 20 employees from the companies, this then includes the categories of benefits to the working labor for employee benefits and others. 
  • A company with less than 20 workers must register themselves in any of the labor law schemes by the Indian government is important for future Employee provident fund registration. 
  • The owners of the company and the employee should have a mutual agreement to register into the scheme. This goes for the verification with the Officials of the Gazette.
In the case the employee's court is less, a person can get registered in the employee provident fund scheme themselves as it is the right of every employee.

Potential Benefits of Employee Provident Fund Registration 

The employee provident fund scheme has many benefits. Prakasha & Co recommends every company get themselves registered in the scheme of Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore.  Allow us to be your guide in the acknowledgment of the benefits of the Employee Provident Fund Scheme.  Wholesome contribution Besides the deposit from the employee, the employer equally adds an amount. This is a good source of savings and you can therefore the retirement money is collected, Coverage of Healthcare The EPF Scheme provides the financial investment. Under any situation of medical risk, you can transact the money to save yourself or your loved ones' lives. One Account When you switch accounts, the EPF allows you to keep just one account that you can carry. There is just one registration number and your money will be deposited in that.  Immediate Fund The requirement of the emergency fund can occur at any time. Therefore EPF allows employees to withdraw the amount for medical reasons, weddings, and more. 

Required Documents for Employee Provident Fund

There are some essential documents required for the Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore.  Prakasha & Co. serves as an impressive guide that will help you understand the basis of documents required to get your company registered under the EPF Scheme. 
  • PAN Card
  • Company’s Establishment certificate
  • canceled cheque of establishment
  • digital signature of the registered applicant
  • Address proof that can be the electricity bill, rent agreement, etc.
  • Signatures of the authorities
Other Documents required
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Bankers details
  • The first purchase bill of machines, etc
  • Record of a monthly employee strength
  • Register of salary and wages
  • First sale bill

Streamline Your EPF Registration Journey with Prakasha & Co: Your Trusted Guide in Bangalore

Prakasha & Co. is a reputed law firm in Bangalore. It has been serving the financial and legal services for 15 years in a row. It has a wholesome client range.  Over the years has been in the business of changing the lives of many business entrepreneurs by getting their company legalized under the Employee Provident Fund Registration scheme. The implementation of this gives recognition to companies and they can attain many benefits.  We help the associates for Employee Provident Fund Registration in Bangalore as our team consists of financial experts and reputed lawyers.  We take care of documents and are aware of the process which is required for online registration. You may also contact us for:
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  • GST Registration In Bangalore
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