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Payroll Consultants in Bangalore

Payroll Consultants in Bangalore
Payroll Consultants in Bangalore
Payroll Consultants in Bangalore - With the growth of any business, the responsibility of managing the payroll also gets complex. Payroll is an extremely important part of any business due to legal, financial, and ethical reasons. A poorly managed payroll can be financially disastrous and incur huge loss on any business organization. To help you navigate the complexities of designing and implementing a payroll you can contact Prakasha & Co, the best Payroll Consultants in Bangalore. We cater to all the payroll requirements of big and small business organizations based in and out of Bangalore.
Prakasha & Co has a team of qualified and professional staff that help our clients improve their payroll systems. You can connect with Prakasha & Co to get access to the best payroll consultants in Bangalore. Our payroll experts have in-depth knowledge about employee pay, tax laws, wage laws and everything related to payroll business administration.  You are just a call away from accessing the comprehensive payroll services in Bangalore with Prakasha & Co. Give us a call at +91-7019 827 351 or drop an email at to get in touch with our experts. 

Understanding Payroll and Role of Payroll Consultants 

Payroll Consultants in Bangalore Payroll can be simply define as the process of paying a company’s employee including tracking hours worked, calculating employees' pay, and distributing payments via direct deposit to employee bank accounts or by check. Mostly this is carried out by the human resource management team or the accounts department. The business organizations are also required to  perform accounting functions to record payroll, taxes withheld, bonuses, overtime pay, sick time, and vacation pay.  The companies should also have a record of the amount to be paid to the government for medicare, social Security, and unemployment taxes. The payroll consultants are experts in tax laws and are well-versed in the rules and regulations related to the payroll. Hiring a Payroll consultant in Bangalore you can stay compliant and avoid tax penalties pertaining to the payroll. The role of a  payroll consultant in designing the payroll of a specific business are briefed below: 
  • Examine or identify the specific clients' business needs. 
  • Ensure that business organizations have compliant payroll systems. 
  • Assist in streamlining the payroll process.
  • Reduce the errors or discrepancies in payroll management
  • Suggest improvements to payroll services for the best practices. 

Choose from Diverse Payroll Solutions for Your Business Organization 

Prakasha & Co offer comprehensive payroll services for different business organizations. We ardously work to offer flexible, affordable, and responsive payroll solutions to all our clients. With our payroll consultants in Bangalore we customize specific and confidential solutions to improve operational efficiency of an organization.  Our payroll consultants have a variety of skills and abilities to resolve the complicated issues. Prakasha & Co is a reliable payroll service providers in Bangalore to small, medium and large organizations. The range of payroll solutions offered at Prakasha & Co are mentioned as follows:  Tax Services: Our payroll experts have years of experience in calculating and recording the amount of tax services required to be deducted before releasing the payroll.  Time & Attendance: Tracking time and attendance of the employees is a crucial aspect of payroll services offered at Prakasha & Co. Our payroll consultants count the number of hours each employee works each week, including leaves, tardiness, sick days, vacation days, etc while calculating the payout checks at the end of the pay period. Paycheck Services: The paycheck services include processing the actual payments of the employee. The employee receives the payment via a cheque or a direct deposit that is done electronically.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services in Bangalore 

Preparing payroll is mostly time-consuming, tedious, costly, and prone to human errors. As per many surveys and studies payrolls consumes more time than any other HR tasks. A HR professional spends an average of 11 hours each week in designing and implementing the payroll of an organization. Outsourcing your payroll services to payroll consultants in Bangalore not only benefits the organization but also the employees. The payroll experts at Prakasha & Co offers the following mentioned benefits to organization and the employees.  Key Benefits of Outsourcing payroll services to the business are mentioned as follows: 
  • Help avoid penalties and errors on statutory transactions.
  • Allow the employers to focus on their business.
  • Give easy access of information system to the employees. 
  • Cut down the extra cost of technology advancements and keep payroll running smoothly. 
  • With direct deposit reduce the risk of fraud and eliminate the uses of paper checks that can be riskier to choose. 
  • Offer high security on all the confidential information related to payroll services. 
Key Benefits Offered to Employers 
  • Communicate with Employees
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Track PTO ( Paid Time Off)
  • Upload Benefits Plans and Custom Benefits Documents
  • Total Compensation Reports
  • View Invoices and Payroll Reports
  • Access and Update Employee Information
Key Benefits for the Employees 
  • Review Benefit Information
  • Update Information
  • Any Corporate Document
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • Review Checks 

Choose Prakasha & Co to Hire the Best Payroll Consultants in Bangalore

Prakasha & Co is transforming the way businesses work by offering comprehensive and reliable GST, accounts, income tax filing, Trademark and audit solutions in Bangalore. We are a team of Company Secretaries, CA, GST experts, and legal experts working hard to offer comprhensive business consultancy to diverse business fields. Our payroll consultancy services in Bangalore are highly capable to cater to the payroll requirements of business organizations. Prakasha & Co is one of the leading payroll processing outsourcing companies in Bangalore. By outsourcing your payroll requirements at us you can concentrate all your attention on your business and make it more productive.  Our new age payroll consulting services in Bangalore help you organize, analyze and add clarity to your core business. Running payroll can be a risky process as there is a risk of identity theft, breach of confidentiality and various other reasons. At Prakasha & Co we work with the synergy of a highly skilled professional team and highly advanced technology in different payroll operations. Our payroll experts have gained excellence in structuring of pay structure, processing of payroll on monthly basis based on attendance details for the month, advice to the bank for the transfer of salary to employees, advice for remittance on TDS, PT, PF, ESI, and obtaining investment declaration. The key reasons for why you should choose Prakasha & Co for hiring the payroll consultants in Bangalore are briefed below: 
  1. Reduces the workload and administrative costs
  2. Ensure adherence to regulations and reduce the chances for errors 
  3. Time saving and cost-effective than in house payroll management 
  4. Increased security and efficient data storage. 
  5. Available 24/7 to cater all your payroll requirements. 

Contact Below for the Best Payroll Services!

Get in touch with our expert payroll consultants in Bangalore and escape the stress of finding the best tax consultancy services. The payroll tax consultants in Bangalore awaits you at the contact details given below:   Name: Prakasha & Co Address: 188/1, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore-92  Phone: +91-7019 827 351  Email: 

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Nitesh P
Best place to file ur GST n IT returns .. They respond quickly, communicate well and get ur work done as per ur needs in a very short time ..
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Raghavendran V
Best place for Income tax filing
Shruti Pb
Shruti Pb
Of all the CA, CS teams I have interacted with, they are the most prompt and organized. I have taken their services for almost 3 years now for various things like income tax queries, income tax filing, networth certificates, and compliance certificates. They always display a clear understanding of the law and are also able to explain it to you in layman terms. Overall a very resourceful and courteous team. Thank you for the support!
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Suvadhana B
Best company secretary I bangalore ever seen such quick quality service
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Heenarustam Sayal
Prakasha & Co has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to my tax dispute and filings with IT office. They are always very responsive and helpful whenever I have any questions or issues, I recently had an issue with my sister business GST filings, and they were able to quickly identify the issue and help me resolve it. They really go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of.
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moh Samn
''The team at Prakasha& Co made sure my company was compliant with all the legal requirements. Their attention to detail and timely response was truly remarkable."
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Rizwan RS
"I was impressed with the level of customer service provided by Prakasha& Co. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance throughout the company registration process."

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