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Shop Establishment Registration

A Guide to Shop Establishment Registration

Running your business in Karnataka comes with the important requirement of obtaining Shop and Establishment Registration. This registration, mandatory for all shops, businesses, and commercial establishments in the Karnataka, its governed by Karnataka’s Shops and Establishment Act.

Prakasha & Co is a renowned and trusted Shop Establishment Consultants in Bangalore offering services to shops or establishments carrying trade, business, or services within the prominent areas of Bangalore.  With the assistance of our experts, we help our clients obtain new registration, renewal, amendment of existing registrations, filing of annual returns, etc.

Understanding Shop and Establishment:

In the context of the Act, a ‘Shop’ encompasses any entity involved in the sale of goods or provision of services, extending to offices, godowns, and branch offices associated with the business. On the other hand, an ‘Establishment’ includes large corporate businesses, banks, trading or insurance offices that hire staff for office work. It also covers hotels, theaters, etc., excluding factories and industries under the Factories Act. 

Our experts at Prakasha & Co have expertise in catering to shops, small-scale businesses, godowns, or establishments including large corporate businesses, banks, trading, and hotels. We offer the best Shop Establishment Registration Services in Bangalore. You can contact our team of experts and get your shop or establishment registration process in Bangalore.

Compulsory Registration:

All entities falling under the purview of the Act must secure their registration license within 30 days of commencing operations. This license serves as proof of the incorporation of a commercial establishment or shop and facilitates processes like opening a business bank account and obtaining other necessary licenses.


Coverage of Shop and Establishment

The Shop and Establishment registration covers various aspects, including:

– Hours of work, annual leave, and weekly holidays for employees.

– Salary and compensation details.

– Prohibition of child labor.

– Restrictions on employing women and young persons during night shifts.

– Enforcement and Inspection procedures.

– Rest intervals for employees.

– Opening and closing hours.

– Record-keeping obligations for employers.

– Provisions for dismissal.

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Steps to Obtain Shop Establishment Registration

Online Registration

The registration process in Karnataka is exclusively online.

Approach Prakasha & Co. or log in to

File the application

Business name, address etc., to be filled in Kannada & English

What are the Documents required for Shop Establishment in Bangalore?

– Business proof ID for the company.

– Aadhar card or DL proof of the proprietor.

– Passport-sized photos.

– Authorized letter for application.

– PAN card of the owner.

– Employee details.

– Rent agreement for office address proof.

Shop Establishment Registration Process in Bangalore

  1. The registration process in Karnataka is exclusively online.
  2. Approach Prakasha & Co. or log in to
  3. Fill in basic information as per rules, upload necessary documents, and pay the fees.
  4. Required information includes business name, address, establishment category, number of employees, etc., to be filled in both Kannada and English.

Expert guidance at Prakasha & Co. ,you’ll feel a breeze in Setting up your Shop Establishment Registration  in Bangalore. Get Started Today

The Shop Establishment Registration covers various aspects, including 

  1. – Hours of work, annual leave, and weekly holidays for employees.

    – Salary and compensation details.

    – Prohibition of child labor.

    – Restrictions on employing women and young persons during night shifts.

    – Enforcement and Inspection procedures.

    – Rest intervals for employees.

    – Opening and closing hours.

    – Record-keeping obligations for employers.

    – Provisions for dismissal.

    Expert guidance at Prakasha & Co. ,you’ll feel happy in getting your Shop Establishment Registration  in Bangalore. Get Started Today

The Shop and Establishment Certificate is valid for four years. Renewal can be done online before the expiry of the registration period, ensuring seamless continuation of business operations.

Here’s how we at Prakasha & Co. can assist to get your Shop Establishment Registration Bangalore

  • Choosing the Right approach:
    • We provide expert advice to help you select the most suitable way for initiating your business in India, ensuring it aligns with your goals and complies with regulatory requirements.
  • Assistance with Other Forms of Registration for Proprietorship:
    • Beyond Shop Establishment Registration, we guide you through the process of obtaining additional registrations essential for your proprietorship, ensuring comprehensive legal compliance.
  • Document Management and Preparation:
    • We assist in managing and preparing all necessary documents required for Shop Establishment Registration and other related registrations, streamlining the documentation process.
  • Form Filling Support:
    • Our team provides support in filling out the requisite forms for Shop Establishment Registration, making the application process smoother and error-free.
  • End-to-End Guidance and Support:
    • From the initial stages of planning to the final steps of obtaining Shop Establishment Registration, we offer continuous guidance and support, ensuring a seamless and efficient registration process.
  • Post-Registration Services:
    • Our services extend beyond registration to cover post-registration requirements, including obtaining GST and TDS registration for your proprietorship, ensuring you are fully compliant with tax regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):



Why is Shop Establishment Registration essential?

It is mandatory for all shops and establishments in Karnataka, providing legal recognition and facilitating various business processes.

What if I miss the 30-day registration window?

Delay in registration may result in penalties. It’s advisable to complete the process within the stipulated timeframe.

Can I apply for Shop Establishment Registration offline?

No, the process is exclusively online. You can approach Prakasha & Co. or use the official portal at

What happens if I change my business address after registration?

Any change in business details must be reported within 30 days. Failure to do so may lead to non-compliance.

Is the Shop and Establishment Certificate transferable between owners?

No, the certificate is specific to the business entity and is not transferable.

How often should I renew the Shop and Establishment Certificate?

Renewal is required every four years. Ensure online renewal before the expiration of the current registration period.

What are the registration fees based on the number of employees?

The registration fees vary based on the number of employees as follows:



No. of Employees




Fees (Rs.)



No Employees


1 to 9 Employees


10 to 19 Employees


20 to 49 Employees


50 to 99 Employees


100 to 250 Employees


251 to 500 Employees


501 to 1000 Employees


Above 1000 Employees


Is separate registration required for each branch or location of the company?

    • Yes, each branch or location of the company must undergo a separate registration process.

What records do shops or establishments need to maintain?

    • Various formats are used:
      • ‘A’ for Establishment registration, renewal, or reporting changes.
      • ‘P’ to designate a different day as the weekly holiday.
      • ‘F’ for maintaining leave records;
      • ‘H’ to provide a copy to the employee.
      • ‘T’ for daily attendance of employees.
      • ‘R’ to obtain permission for women to work after 8 pm.

What are some interesting regulations under the Shops and Establishment Act?

    • Monthly salary must be paid before the 7th of the next month.
    • Working hours should not exceed 48 hours, or 58 hours including extra working hours.
    • Annual leave and sick leave are calculated based on working days.
    • An employee with 180 days of service cannot be dismissed without prior notice.
    • Employees are entitled to preserve earned leave for 40 days.
    • Employment of children below 14 years is prohibited.
    • Women and young persons are not allowed to work during the night, between 8 pm to 6 am.
    • Establishment name boards must be in Kannada; if in another language, it should be below the Kannada version.

Which establishments are exempt from registration under this Act?

    • Government offices, establishments for the treatment of the handicapped or mentally unfit, and offices of legal and medical practitioners employing not more than three persons are exempt.

How much time does it take to obtain Shop Establishment Registration?

    • The entity can be registered under the Shops Act within 7 working days from the date of filing the application.


For further clarification or assistance, feel free to contact Prakasha & Co., your trusted advisors in legal and tax matters in Bangalore.

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