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Audit & Assurance

Introduction to Audit & Assurance​

Audit & Assurance refers to the meticulous verification of financial books, records, and other relevant information, followed by an assessment of the findings and the expression of our professional opinion. Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountants who specialize in conducting audits.

Our services extend beyond traditional audits, as we actively collaborate with businesses to deliver comprehensive solutions such as internal quality audits, compliance statutory audits, and concurrent audits. By engaging with firms on a regular basis, we ensure that their operations align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


The Audit Assurance we provide to our clients is constantly changing to meet the demands of businesses and stakeholders.

The performance of today’s companies are influenced by several significant elements, including digital transformation, rapidly evolving technologies, complexity, and regulatory change.


We use our robust technology to deliver trust in changing business needs and stakeholder expectations while keeping quality at the core of our operation.
We collaborate with you to create transparency for financial and non-financial reporting by taking a comprehensive approach to your company. Together, we will control risk, bolster business processes, and give management the direction to make wise choices. 

Our Audit team has a passion for problem solvers and is dedicated to assisting, and we will use our global network of resources.

Looking for a management Audit for your bussines?​

Benefits of Audit & Assurance​

Building Trust & Confidence with Audits and Assurance

How Prakasha & Co Can Help Your Business

Businesses in Bengaluru rely on audits and assurance services to maintain financial transparency and credibility. These processes involve independent assessments of a company’s financial records including accounting system and process, ensuring their accuracy and adherence to regulations and third parties. This fosters trust with stakeholders, including investors, lenders, and the government.

Easy & Faster Loan Processing

Quality audits and assurance give confidence to investors. It allows outsiders to invest in your company, which internally boosts growth. Banks and other financial institutes look for Audited financials to review and approve for any business loan.

Attracts Investors

Investors always look for suitable companies to invest in. The excellent company shall have a formal audited report to give its business valuation. The Good, Audited and reported company always stands high for new investors.

Easy Sale and Purchase

The Audited company helps the third parties to review your business easily. It gives sense of the capacity of your company and its easy to by third parties to value your business.

Detects Internal Fraud

Internal Audit helps to prevent the financial frauds and misuse of funds. Quality checks, internal control system and regular update with internal audit prevent the fraud in the businss

Here’s how we at Prakasha & Co. do Audit & Assurance .

  1. Review the company internal policy
  2. Review the management approval system
  3. Review the books of accounts
  4. Review the financials and validation with Trial Balance
  5. Discussion with management about the clarifications
  6. Issue the Audit report

If you need more information on audit assurance or audit exemptions please reach out. We can help.

Audit and assurance services can play a critical role in helping businesses succeed. Some of the specific ways in which audit and assurance services can contribute to business success include:

Improved financial reporting:

Audit and assurance services help to ensure that a business’s financial reports are accurate and reliable, which is important for decision-making, planning, and compliance.

Enhanced credibility:

By undergoing an audit, a business can demonstrate to stakeholders, such as investors and lenders, that its financial statements are reliable and trustworthy. This can enhance the business’s credibility and reputation.

Improved financial controls:

An audit can identify weaknesses in a business’s financial controls and suggest improvements, which can help to prevent errors and fraud and improve efficiency.

Enhanced risk management:

Audit and assurance services can help a business to identify and mitigate potential risks, such as by identifying and correcting internal control weaknesses.

Improved compliance:

An audit can help a business to ensure that it is compliant with relevant laws and regulations, which can prevent costly fines and penalties.

Overall, audit and assurance services can play a crucial role in helping businesses succeed by improving financial reporting, enhancing credibility, improving financial controls, enhancing risk management, and improving compliance.

Prakasha & Co is a well-recognized leader in the field, offering a comprehensive range of audit and assurance services. We support businesses by:

  • Conducting various audits: This includes statutory company audits, tax audits, GST audits, and government department audits, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and legal requirements.
  • Providing expert guidance: Prakasha & Co’s team assists businesses in understanding the audit process, addressing any queries, and effectively managing audit-related matters.
  • Facilitating smooth procedures: our CA teams expertise streamlines the audit process, minimizing disruptions and ensuring timely completion.

By engaging with us, businesses can benefit from valuable assurance to financials, build trust with stakeholders, and navigate the complexities of various audits by departments, ultimately contributing to business success.