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Compliance serves as a comprehensive tool encompassing company law, general law, labor law, income tax, GST, and other legal requirements. It entails the adherence to both external regulations and internal policies, including company bylaws. With legal obligations varying across jurisdictions, it is imperative for companies to diligently ensure compliance with the laws of the land.

Discover the importance of effective compliance management in navigating the complex legal landscape and safeguarding your business’s integrity.

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Prakash & Co. provides a one-stop shop for audits, taxation, administrative compliance services, reporting, legal aid, project consulting, and other professional services to help Indian entrepreneurs stay on top of the business game.

Every organization needs a strong foundation in order to experience sustained growth. The process of starting a business is time-consuming and entails numerous legal formalities.

Services offered by Prakash & Co.

These are the services we provide:

Firm Setup 

Establishing a business can occasionally be straightforward, but adhering to legal standards is frequently the most difficult task for a new business plan.

This occurs as a result of the majority of young business owners being ignorant of the business’s legal obligations.

They seem to be having trouble deciding whether to register the company as a Private Limited Company, an LLP, or an OPC. They start to reflect about the circumstance. Which rules do they have to follow? Startups often unaware of the legal issues even after making a decision. Prakash & Co. is the answer in such a situation. We are here to help companies and business owners with any legal issues they might not be familiar with.

Accounting and Taxation 

Organizations can concentrate on other aspects of their company by having us manage their accounting and taxation issues. We have a skilled, effective, and professional team of accounting and taxes specialists who help businesses file their tax returns without difficulty.

Opportunity Due Diligence, Business Restructuring, Auditing and Assurance, and International Business are just a few of our excellent services. We are aware of how crucial accounting and tax solutions are to a business’s financial stability. Because of this, every employee in our tax and accounting division has a wealth of experience and understanding in their specialized disciplines.

Registration –

Prakash & Co. offers business registration services to all types of organizations and enterprises. We take away all of your register a company hassles and guides you through the procedure.

What legal assistance do we provide?

What kind of legal support do we offer?

The list of legal problems with which we can assist you is as follows:

the filing of a company name

annual conformity for the initial year

GST and registration of MSME

Free advice for companies for a year

Why should you select our services?

Because of the following, you must choose us:
From choosing a name for your business to completing regulatory papers, you will receive guidance at every step.

We are conveniently located. Contact us via phone or mail.
We are assured of our abilities, and we would facilitate your legal entrepreneurial journey.
A specialist from our group will get in touch with you and, if necessary, offer support.
Working with us ensures that you won’t have to worry about the legal facets of your company anymore.

Integrated Approach To Compliance Services

The clients receive hassle-free compliance services from our team of qualified experts. We have worked with more than 500 startups and businesses, assisting them with their legal needs.

The only thing left to do is to concentrate on giving your consumers good service. We will handle all of your compliance requirements. Therefore, get in touch with us for startup compliance services that are hassle-free.

Prakasha & Co. Support

Here’s how we at Prakasha & Co. can help at Compliances:

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A Company Secretary assists companies in complying with the various provisions of the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

A CS is responsible for advising the company on legal and regulatory matters and ensuring that the company is in compliance with these provisions.

Some of the compliance services that a CS can provide are:

Incorporation of a company:

A CS can assist the company in the process of incorporating a company, including drafting the memorandum of association and articles of association and filing the necessary documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Maintenance of statutory registers and records:

A CS can assist the company in maintaining statutory registers and records as required under the Companies Act and other relevant laws.

Filing of statutory returns:

A CS can assist the company in filing statutory returns, such as the annual return, with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Preparation and filing of financial statements:

A CS can assist the company in preparing and filing financial statements with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in accordance with the prescribed accounting standards.

Conducting board and general meetings:

A CS can assist the company in conducting board and general meetings, including preparing the notice of the meeting, the agenda, and the minutes of the meeting.

Compliance with corporate governance norms:

A CS can assist the company in complying with corporate governance norms, including the provisions of the Companies Act and the Listing Regulations.

Overall, a CS plays a crucial role in assisting companies in complying with the various provisions of the Companies Act and other relevant laws and regulations, and in providing professional advice on legal and regulatory matters.

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