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Company Secretary in Bangalore
Company Secretary in Bangalore
Company Secretary in Bangalore -  In today’s time running a business is highly dependent on corporate governance, legal compliance, and stakeholder relations. Many businesses collapse due to failure to comply with legal and governance obligations posed by the government. Hiring a company secretary has become essential for any business to abide by all the legal regulations and make their business a success. If you are in search of a skilled and experienced Company Secretary in Bangalore, your search ends at Prakasha & Co. 
We are among the top Company Secretary firms in Bangalore, working to help businesses save time and money along with helping the management maintain business goals, grow, and manage daily operations. You can hire the best Company Secretary in Bangalore at Prakasha & Co. Outsourcing company secretary is also an excellent business strategy to reduce the chances of penalties due to underpayments and other inaccuracies. 

Need of a Company Secretary to Make Your Business A Success 

A company secretary plays a multifaceted role in ensuring the long-term success of a business. Over the years, the role of a company secretary has evolved to include legislative sensitization, which necessitates keeping the company Board informed of new legislation and how it applies to the Company. At Prakasha & Co. we have a team of highly skilled and experienced company secretaries.  Owing to the regulatory filings required by the Corporate Affairs Commission, and its powers to regulate some affairs of companies, hiring a company secretary has become more of a necessity. The company secretaries have an in-depth understanding of the local and global regulatory and economic trends and have the professional know-how to incorporate those trends for the benefit of the Company. The key reasons why you desperately need a company secretary in Bangalore for your business are mentioned as follows: 
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Keep you in the loop of any non-compliance with legal obligations 
  • Help you better understand the regulations and other norms 

Duties and Responsibilities of Company Secretary in Bangalore

Any company or business must comply with various provisions of the Companies Act to abide by the regulations. As per the Companies Act 2013, the company secretary is the key managerial person for any business organization. The major role of the company secretary is to advise the board of a company regarding good corporate governance practices and implement the board’s decisions. Hiring a skilled and experienced company secretary in Bangalore can help your business follow the proper rules and regulations.  The role of a corporate secretary is crucial to ensure that the board’s decision-making process is in line with the Companies Act 2013. The secretary also ensures that a company’s board follows its bylaws, charter AOA, MOA. The company secretary is also responsible for coordinating communication with the regulatory agencies and helping the board implement its decisions. The range of duties and responsibilities to be followed by the company secretary are mentioned as follows: 
  • Updating and Maintenance of minutes of meetings.
  • Shares allotment, Share transfer, and issue of share certificates
  • Drafting of ESOP Scheme
  • Shifting of registered office
  • Annual Report Preparation and Annual Return Filing
  • Preparation of search report and creation of charges
  • Secretarial Audit under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Maintenance of Statutory registers and Records
  • FEMA & RBI Compliances
  • Closure of companies under Fast Track Exit and the normal Liquidation process.

Difference Between a Company Secretary and General Counsel

Due to a few similarities between a company secretary and general counsel job role, people may confuse the both to be the same. However, both are two different job roles with different job responsibilities. The company general counsel is the chief legal officer of a company who is responsible for giving legal advice to corporate executives. Whereas, a company secretary does not need to be a legal professional and is only responsible for ensuring compliance with corporate rules and regulations. Refer to the table below to get better clarity on the difference between a company secretary and a general counsel. 
Aspect Company Secretary Company General Counsel
Primary Role Facilitates corporate governance and ensures legal compliance. Provides legal advice and guidance to protect the company's legal interests.
Legal Compliance Ensures the company complies with laws, regulations, and governance codes. Focuses on legal compliance and risk management, offering legal counsel to all departments.
Board Support Assists in organizing board meetings, maintains records, and ensures governance. Advises the board on legal matters, attends board meetings, and manages legal documentation.
Record-Keeping Maintains statutory registers, records minutes of meetings, and safeguards documents. Manages legal documentation, and contracts, and ensures the organization's legal records are in order.
Shareholder Relations Manages communication with shareholders, facilitates AGMs, and ensures transparency. Advises on shareholder relations, especially in legal matters, and participates in AGMs.
Risk Management Assists in identifying and managing legal, financial, and operational risks. Takes a lead in identifying and mitigating legal risks throughout the organization.
Advisory Role Advises the board on corporate governance best practices and legal matters. Provides legal advice to the board and management, guiding strategic decision-making.
Communication Acts as a central point of contact for communication between stakeholders. Communicates legal issues and advice to various departments, ensuring legal compliance.
Training and Development Keeps the board informed about regulatory changes and provides training. May provide legal training to employees and ensure legal awareness across the organization.
Ethics and Integrity Promotes ethical behavior and integrity within the company. Upholds legal and ethical standards, ensuring the company operates within the law.
Strategic Planning Contributes to the development of corporate policies within legal bounds. Integrates legal considerations into strategic planning, ensuring legal compliance in all aspects.
Organizational Effectiveness Enhances overall organizational effectiveness by ensuring compliance. Ensures legal effectiveness, safeguarding the company's legal interests and reputation.

Connect with the Best Company Secretary Firm in Bangalore 

Prakasha & Co. is among the top company secretary firms in Bangalore. We help many businesses and start-ups accelerate their businesses and take them in the right direction.  You can trust us with your corporate law and secretarial practices and concentrate on higher levels of operation. We help businesses hire the best company secretaries in Bangalore. The company secretaries at Prakasha are well-experienced to offer your insights on Business agreements, Joint Development agreements, Franchise agreements, and legal statements on various tax-related matters. Some of the key reasons that make us the best Company secretary firm in Bangalore are briefed below: 
  • Find a team of highly skilled and experienced Company Secretaries
  • Stay updated on changes in laws, regulations, and best practices in Bangalore.
  • Offer comprehensive company secretarial services.
  • Cost-effective company secretary solutions 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the role of a Company Secretary (CS) in managing your business? 

Company secretaries are hired to advise companies on legal, financial, and governance matters. They are  responsible to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The role of a corporate secretary is also to ensure that the board’s decision-making process is in line with the Companies Act 2013.

2. How much does it cost to hire a Company Secretary (CS) in Bangalore?

The cost of hiring a Company Secretary (CS) depends on the experience and qualifications of the experts. Several factors including salary, benefits, and any additional fees for outsourced services if applicable also decide the hiring fee for Company Secretary.

3. Can a company outsource Company Secretarial services in Bangalore?

Yes, you can outsource Company Secretarial services in Bangalore. There are many Company Secretary firms in Bangalore, including Prakasha & Co. who have a team of highly qualified and professionals for the role of Company Secretaries.

4. How does a Company Secretary contribute to corporate governance in Bangalore?

Hiring a company secretary ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct within the company. The company secretaries makes sure that the company complies with legal and regulatory requirements, such as filing accounts, holding shareholders' meetings, and keeping company documents secure. They also advise company boards on legal and regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and risk management.

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Best place to file ur GST n IT returns .. They respond quickly, communicate well and get ur work done as per ur needs in a very short time ..
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Best place for Income tax filing
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Shruti Pb
Of all the CA, CS teams I have interacted with, they are the most prompt and organized. I have taken their services for almost 3 years now for various things like income tax queries, income tax filing, networth certificates, and compliance certificates. They always display a clear understanding of the law and are also able to explain it to you in layman terms. Overall a very resourceful and courteous team. Thank you for the support!
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Suvadhana B
Best company secretary I bangalore ever seen such quick quality service
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Heenarustam Sayal
Prakasha & Co has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to my tax dispute and filings with IT office. They are always very responsive and helpful whenever I have any questions or issues, I recently had an issue with my sister business GST filings, and they were able to quickly identify the issue and help me resolve it. They really go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of.
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moh Samn
''The team at Prakasha& Co made sure my company was compliant with all the legal requirements. Their attention to detail and timely response was truly remarkable."
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Rizwan RS
"I was impressed with the level of customer service provided by Prakasha& Co. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance throughout the company registration process."

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