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Looking for a CA partner in Bangalore.

Are you a seasoned CA, retired or experienced professional seeking a passive income avenue? Prakasha & Co., a distinguished CS, legal and tax advisory firm in Bangalore, extends a unique opportunity for individuals looking to leverage their expertise without active involvement. Join us as a CA Partner and play a role in our certification services.

Key Highlights:

  1. Passive Income Focus:
    • Ideal for retired or experienced CAs seeking income without the daily grind.
    • Lend your certification to Prakasha & Co. for client services with minimal active participation.
  2. Flexible Engagement:
    • Tailored for those desiring flexibility in commitment.
    • Certification-related tasks are handled by our expert team, allowing you to contribute at your own pace.
  3. Certification Collaboration:
    • Partner with us to offer certification services to clients remotely.
    • Rare meetings and minimal active involvement, emphasizing a passive income approach.
  4. Experienced Professionals:
    • Welcoming CAs with years of experience, offering an avenue to continue influencing the industry.

Candidate Profile:

  • Experienced CA, retired or seeking a passive income avenue.
  • Hold a valid Certificate of Practice (COP).


  • Variable pay structure based on assignments.
  • Located in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore -560092.
Discover a passive income avenue with Prakasha & Co., Bangalore.
We welcome retired or experienced CAs unable to run their own practice.
Lend your certification for client services with minimal involvement. Flexible engagement.


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No 188/1, 1st  Floor, BT Pura, Sahakarnagar,

Bangalore -560092, Phone: + 91 7019827351