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One Person Company Registration in Bangalore

One Person Company Registration in Bangalore
One Person Company Registration in Bangalore
One Person Company Registration in Bangalore - Running a business comes with endless legal and financial obligations. Though being in a business partnership offers a myriad of benefits, at the same time it is equally risky and also requires the profit to be equally distributed. To establish a one-person company in Bangalore you need to abide by all the legal and financial formalities. If you are looking forward to getting One Person Company Registration in Bangalore, this bog by Prakasha & Co. will prove to be your useful guide.
A One Person Company (OPC) is a new company formation that works with the advantage of sole proprietorship and the corporate state having one member, as the Director and a nominee. With the expertise of Prakasha & Co., you can easily get the One Person Company Registration in Bangalore without any hassle. Read through the blog to learn more about the one person company registration and the different requirements of the process. 

Significance of Registration of One Person Company (OPC) in Bangalore

One Person Company is a private limited company that is defined as per the Companies Act of 2013. Any One Person Company is owned by only a single member or shareholder, thereby entitled to all the profits and shareholding. Under this a company offers limited and restricted liability to its single shareholder, indicating that the shareholder is liable to pay the capital he/she has invested during any crisis.  There are many important points that you should be aware of to smoothly carry out the One Person Company registration process in Bangalore. Go through the points below to learn more about the OPC registration: 
  • In One Person Company, there can be more than one director, but only one shareholder. 
  • An OPC can work as a stockbroker or a sub-broker 
  • The One Person Registration does not get affected by the death of a member or any change in ownership. 
  • It is much easier to establish a One Person Company OPC in Bangalore. 
  • As per the government guidelines, one person can file for only 1 One Person Company (OPC). 

Eligibility Criteria for One Person Company Registration in Bangalore

To successfully register your One Person Company in Bangalore you should follow the eligibility criteria. The key points in the eligibility criteria for the registration of OPC in Bangalore are briefed below: 
  • Legal entities like private/ public limited companies or LLP are prohibited from joining an OPC as a shareholder.
  • An OPC can have more than one director. 
  • An OPC can have only one shareholder and one nominee. 
  • The nominee can be a nominee for only one OPC
  • A person who is a citizen of India for a time not less than 182 days in the preceding year and a resident of India can be the sole shareholder of OPC in Bangalore or other regions. 
  • A minor cannot be a member of OPC. 
  • The promoter is required to nominate a nominee during the incorporation of the OPC. 

List of Documents Mandatory for One Person Company OPC Registration in Bangalore

Documents play an important role in ensuring a successful OPC registration process. These documents shall be submitted on time and in the correct order for the legal verification of the OPC. The experts at Prakasha & Co. have extensive experience in helping businessmen through the registration process and taking care of all the documentation.  The list of documents required during the OPC Registration in Bangalore are listed below: 
  • Electricity/ Water bill of office space
  • Copy of Property papers in case of own property
  • NOC from the landlord, the format for which we will provide
  • Copy of PAN Card of the owner/director
  • Passport sized photos of the owner/director
  • Copy of Voter identity card or Aadhar card
  • Copy of the rent agreement in case of rented business place

Accurate Procedure for the Registration of One Person Company OPC in Bangalore

There is a defined procedure that shall be followed for the successful registration of any OPC in Bangalore. This procedure lists down series of steps that are undertaken from the initiation till the end of the registration process. Go through the list of steps to understand the One Person Company registration and the different steps involved: 
  1. The first step is to fill out the OPC registration form with accurate details. 
  2. The next step is to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for the director and apply for the name approval procedure. 
  3. The third step consists of the verification and name approval. The details given by you are also used for the verification and to get your OPC’s name approved. 
  4. The next step is about filling and filing of Spice Form(s) for registration of the One Person Company OPC in Bangalore. 
  5. After all these steps, the procedure usually ends with the retrieval of the Certificate of Incorporation of the One Person Company OPC in Bangalore. 

Get One Person Company Registration in Bangalore With Prakasha & Co. 

Prakasha & Co. is a team of Company Secretaries, CA, GST experts, and legal experts helping clients get swift and accurate registrations. Choosing us for One Person Company registration in Bangalore is an ideal way to take care of all the nuances that go into the registration process. Besides the OPC registration, we also offer new company setup, registration, accounting, audit, tax advisory, GST, trademark, and legal services. Our dedication to simplifying the registration process for our clients makes us a clear stand out in the market. We offer transparent pricing to our customers and give special consideration to the confidentiality and security of the client’s information. The key benefits you can enjoy by collaborating with Prakasha & Co. are briefed below: 
  • A team of highly professional and qualified experts for a quick registration process. 
  • Help in an accurate and precise registration process.
  • Transparent and fair pricing policy 
  • Increased security and ensure proper confidentiality 

Contact Us Below for the Quick OPC Registration Process!

Get in touch with our expert OPC registration consultants in Bangalore and escape the stress of getting the registration done on time. The best One Person Company registration consultants in Bangalore await you at the contact details given below:   Name: Prakasha & Co Address: 188/1, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore-92  Phone: +91-7019 827 351  Email:

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