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FSSAI Registration Consultants in Bangalore

FSSAI Registration Consultants in Bangalore
FSSAI Registration Consultants in Bangalore
FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore - The food business in India is not limited to big restaurants and elaborate food chains. There are crores of street food vendors and small roadside cafes and food stall. Therefore, the government of India has made it mandatory to own a food license issues by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). If you are a food business owner or planning to invest in the food business in Bangalore get the best FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore with Prakasha & Co. With our team of experts, we are fully capable of assisting you in the process of obtaining the food license in Bangalore. 
Obtaining a food license has been made mandatory by the  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). You can save your time, efforts and avoid the risk of rejection by connecting with the best FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore at  Prakasha & Co. Read the blog further to delve deeper into the FSSAI registration in Bangalore with our consultants. 

Gain Credibility and Trust of Your Customers with FSSAI Registration 

FSSAI is a food license that lays down guidelines for the correct way to handle the food manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale and import to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. Obtaining FSSAI license is a legal requirement for all the small and large food business operators in India. We have a team of best FSSAI license agents and consultants to help you gain the trust of your customers and give your business more credibility in the market. You can work with our FSSAI registration consultants to abide by all the formalities and legal compliances. The different types of FSSAI licenses issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for food business operators in India are elaborated in the table below. Our FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore are well-versed in offering assistance for all these three types of FSSAI license. 
Type of FSSAI Registration Annual Turnover  Business Scale  Issuing Authority
FSSAI Basic Registration Annual turnover of less than Rs.12 Lakhs Small-scale food business operators  Issued by the Food and Safety Department. 
FSSAI State License Annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs and Rs.20 crores Small to medium business food operators.  Issued by the State licensing authority
FSSAI Central License Annual turnover above Rs.20 crores Large Scale business food operators.  Issued by the central licensing authority.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration in Bangalore 

Some specific documents are required in obtaining all government registrations or licenses. These documents usually comprises ID proofs, proof of property ownerships and other details related to the business that guarantees the authenticity of the applicants. With these documents it becomes impossible to prove the legal validity of your application for the FSSAI registration. Our FSSAI registration consultants have gained expertise in managing all the documentation related to the FSSAI registration in Bangalore. The list of Documents required for the FSSAI registration are mentioned as follows:  Documents Required For FSSAI State and Central License
  • ID Proof – PAN Card Copy (Mandatory)
  • Passport size photo
  • Contact details like email id, mobile number.
  • Sale deed or Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Electricity Bill copy of the office premises
Additional Documents For Manufacturers
  • Allocation details for each operation.
  • Name and List of Equipment and Machineries.
  • Blue print & Layout plan
  • Square Meters and area

Benefits of FSSAI Registration in Bangalore 

In today’s cutthroat competition food businesses are often more interested in the profit than the health and safety of their customers. Thus, to keep a close eye on the activities of food business Operators the government has made it mandatory to own a FSSAI license which assures the safety and purity of the food available at the food business chains.  Our FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore have in-depth knowledge about the working of FSSAI and can help you obtain the food license within a few days. The list of benefits offered by the FSSAI registration in Bangalore are mentioned as follows: 
  1. Ensure the compliance with Food Safety Laws and regulations. 
  2. Assure the customers about the food quality available at a food business in Bangalore.
  3. Helps to build a brand reputation as it shows the commitment to food safety and quality.
  4. Abides by the legal requirements set by Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.
  5. Protect the consumers from consuming unsafe or contaminated food. 
  6. Gives the food business owners a competitive advantage in the market. 

Choose Prakasha & Co for the Best FSSAI  Registration Consultants in Bangalore

FSSAI registration is important for the food business operators to establish a strong positon in the market and build a loyal customer base. FSSAI registration consultants proves to be extremely resourceful in obtaining the FSSAI license without much worry and fuss. However, it is equally important to hire the reputed and experienced FSSAI registration consultants who are proficient in their work. At Prakasha & Co. we are a team of experts who specialize in new company setup, registration, accounting, audit, tax advisory, GST, trademark and other legal services. We are a leading name in the Bangalore for FSSAI registration and consultation. Our experts are highly capable of offering assistance in FSSAI registration specific to the scale of your food business. You can trust our experts for their in-depth knowledge of FSSAI regulations and a proven track record of assisting food businesses in obtaining the FSSAI license. Our customer support team is 24/7 available to address your queries and offer legal expert assistance throughout the process of obtaining the FSSAI registration. 

Benefits of Choosing Prakasha & Co for FSSAI Registration and Consultation 

  1. Meticulous in reviewing and preparing all necessary documents related to FSSAI registration. 
  2. Effective communication skills to explain the complex lega terms and concepts to the clients. 
  3. Experience in dealing with local authorities and procedures specific to FSSAI registration in Bangalore.
  4. Maintain transparency throughout the process regarding the fees or timeline of the process. 
  5. Provides value for money and does not charge any extra fee. 

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