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Trademark Registration Process in India

Trademark Registration Process in India
Trademark Registration Process in India- Trademark registration is an important process to protect your identity. With this, no one can copy the name of your firm and you can enjoy the path to success in the long run. If you are a business owner, you must be aware of how long it takes to generate the desired amount of results. Building a brand is not an easy job, it requires capital, knowledge, and a brand name, if it's a product then the packaging and the smell of it, staff in the files, and a lot more. This is your hard-earned potential resource and do not let it water. Get your Trademark registered with the help of experts. Prakasha & Co. is the top Legal registration firm in India that provides various lawful solutions. Let us be your guide and help you understand the Trademark Registration Process in India in detail.  Trademark Registration Process in India Indeed the process is not easy, any steps that are done worms can lead to hurdles in the further steps. We as a safeguard for your company and will let you achieve brand recognition within a few days.  Connect with Prakasha & Co for the Trademark Registration Process in India. We have professionals who have been in the field for years and these will guide you through a deep understanding of the legal process.  

What is a Trademark Registration?

Section 2(zb) of the Trademark Act defines the trademark registration. It differentiates one business with its location, design, services, and more. The trademark includes many things such as the logo, presentation of goods, brand name, etc. A trademark is a combination of various elements a business serves to the marketplace.    A trademark combines the trademarks and service marks. Below are some characteristics that a trademark justifies.  Providing an Identity to the Source: The ultimate goal of a trademark is to recognize the identity, location, and other things about the company. A trademark when noticed by a consumer adds value, reputation, and recognition.  Legal Advantages: A Trademark Registration Process in India is legal. It allows the users to take action against a person or a brand that is using its identity to get the customer’s attention.  Act as a Gaurd form Counterfeiting and Fraud: The trademark will protect against fraud and the unauthorized use of the trademark. This initiates quality services for the brand. 

Trademark Registration Process in India

The Trade Mark Act of 1999 and the Trade Mark Rules of 2017 include the trademark registration process. Under this, any market that comes under a specific geographical area represents services and differentiates between the goods that fall under the category of trademark registration process in India. It will include non-conventional elements such as sound, smell, etc., and apart from this, Three-dimensional marks, logos, slogans, numerals, and names. To get your brand registered under the Tramarke Act, the legal authorities will check the details and find out whether you meet the demand or not. The trademarks are of various types such as the following:
  • Slogan Marks
  • Design Marks
  • Sound Marks
  • Color Marks
  • Combined Marks
  • Word Marks
  • Product Packages
Trademark registration is a remarkable process as it offers the ultimate recognition to your company and brand. Get it done from the legal authority and reduce the risk of duplication. 

How does Prakasha & Co. help in Trademark registration?

Prakasha & Co. is one of the best legal firms that provides registration services for several aspects. We are a leading Registration firm in Bangalore that navigates expertise and professionalism at every step. When the registration process is done by the legal experts of India, it can reduce the risk of unauthorized use of the law. The experts will provide high-grade protection as these follow every step of trademark registration.  Follow are the steps that Prakasha and Co. consider during the assessment of the Trademark Registration Process in India Steps for Trademark Registration Process in India
  • Trademark Classification: Under this, the NICE Classification System, there are 54 categories of goods and services. Category 1-34 is of the good and the rest of the services. The trademark is first classified into the category. 
  • Trademark Search: It involves the search to verify whether nationally, or globally, and locally the trademark is registered or not. This is one of the important processes. 
  • Trademark Application Filing: The application filing process begins once the above criteria are fulfilled. Our professionals take charge of filling in the details properly. 
  • Trademark Fees Payment: After the application, the person is required to pay the fees. The charges are between Rs 4500 to Rs 9000.
  • Trademark Examination: The trademark is registered and the examination is conducted by the experts to check whether it meets the legal demands. 
  • Replying to Objections: The objections are the maximum time raised by the examiner and this needs to be replied to within a time of 30 days by the applicant. Once this is done properly, your application is forwarded for the next step. 
  • Trademark Publication: After the above stages, the trademark is moved onto the next stage and is published in the trademark journal. 
  • Settlement of Third-Party Opposition: You have to negotiate and settle with the third party and the objection is raised from their end. 
  • Trademark Certification Granted: The trademark once issued by the authorities will remain authorized for 10 years. 
  • Trademark Renewal: Renewals are important for adding value to your brand. Prakasha and Co. will assist in the renewal process of the trademark.
We embark on the journey of a seamless registration process as it manages to reduce the time of clients. The ad

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