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Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore

Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore
Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore- Prakasha & Co., established in 2010, is the top provider of Income Tax Returns in Bangalore. 
The Income Tax Act by the Indian Government was established in 1961. The central government through the service collects the tax from the working class. Prakasha & Co. is the leading firm for Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore. We are accompanied by CAs who use the method by which your tax is reduced. Under one roof Tax advisory and Tax Planning Services are offered. We provide Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore for startups and the developer's business. Apart from this, the individuals contact us for income tax filing. Top10 Best Tax Consultants in Bangalore Prakasha & Co. aims to provide tax services that meet your ends and reduce the stress of Income Tax filing. We regularly inform the clients with the advisory on how they can improve their business and invest. The scheme reduces the higher amount of taxes. 

About Praksha & Co.- The Income Tax Return Service Provider

Key players in the business are highly profited by the taxation service but only when they are associated with the team of tax filers.  Prakasha & Co. leads the Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore with its sustainable measures. Experienced and advanced workforce, and following the digitalized methods of service our team ensures an effective tax solution. We work to provide strategies that improve their working standards and reduce the chances of complications.  Specialties: Registration, Company Setup, Tax Advisory, Accounting, GST, Audit, Legal Services, Trademark We accompanied the advanced, tech-friendly, and lawfully aware staff that comes up with revolutionized ideas to bring an easy approach.  Years of Experience: 15+ Years As you walk on a successful path for your business growth, Prakasha and Co. actively guard you against any legal complexities.  We other than accounting services also offer:
  • GST registration
  • Income Tax and IT returns
  • E-TDS return filing
  • Condutuion of Tax Audit
  • Tax Planning
  • Obtaining Tax Residency Certificate (TRC)
  • Certification for repatriation of funds from India, etc.

Why are Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore Important?

The Income Tax Act made in 1961 and implemented on 1st April 1962 states that any person in business, job, and any file that offers him finances needs to submit proof to the Indian government about his earned finances. He or she is answerable to the government if the tax is not paid regularly.  Positive Aspect: The Income Tax Return is the best way to show your earnings in a much easier manner without any legal trouble. The Income Tax Return is not applicable for those with less than Rs 2.5 Lac Per annum. But if your income exceeds the respected amount, you are eligible to pay the tax. Benefit attained for the Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore
  • Easy loans from government banks such as for business, homes, and personal use. 
  • You can claim the TDS very easily if you believe your tax deduction is done inappropriately. 
  • The losses in finances (annual) are adjusted in Income Tax.
  • Provision of a visa is easy. It is because your government's record of financial stability is perfect.
  • If you fill the income tax regularly, the chances of a penalty on income tax are reduced.   
Incom tax Inclutions:
  • Salary or the monthly income
  • Rent from the house also called Income from  personal property
  • Capital or yearly financial gains.
  • Profits from the job or business. 

Why is Prakasha and Co. Best to Fill Income Tax in Bangalore?

Prakasha and Co. is a national best service provider for legal services. It accomplices strategies that make your income tax filing easy. There are various types of Income Tax and every year the the tax rates change. We Keep ourselves up-to-date to ensure the taxation filed is as per the requirements of the government. A step-by-step guide is what we follow, this makes us prevalent to not skip any guidance. The process we follow is:
  1. We begin by calculating the total amount of income followed by deductions, and the savings say SIP investment or any other. 
  2. Our team then follows the standards of TDS as per the 26AS and TDS certification.
  3. The CA of our group goes through the annual income tax a person has to pay.
  4. A login on from our end is credientila are carefully filled.
  5. After choosing the required form, we finally submit your tax to the government. 

Who can Fill Income Tax?

The Income Tax is compulsory for persons less than the age of 60 years who are working. The senior citizen can pay the tax when their annual income is 3 lac and for anyone who is 80 years and above, the income tax is free with the 5 lac per annum. 
  • The income tax is compulsory for small firms and companies in the case of LLP.
  • The process of a Visa requires Income Tax documents. 
  • The person with foreign accounts needs to pay the tax. 
  • Anyone who owns a property and is the primary or secondary source of finances needs to pay income tax. 

Contact Prakasha & Co.

To learn more about Income Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore, contact us at the details below. Phone: +91 7019 827 351 Email:

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Our Client's Review
Nitesh P
Nitesh P
Best place to file ur GST n IT returns .. They respond quickly, communicate well and get ur work done as per ur needs in a very short time ..
Raghavendran V
Raghavendran V
Best place for Income tax filing
Shruti Pb
Shruti Pb
Of all the CA, CS teams I have interacted with, they are the most prompt and organized. I have taken their services for almost 3 years now for various things like income tax queries, income tax filing, networth certificates, and compliance certificates. They always display a clear understanding of the law and are also able to explain it to you in layman terms. Overall a very resourceful and courteous team. Thank you for the support!
Suvadhana B
Suvadhana B
Best company secretary I bangalore ever seen such quick quality service
Heenarustam Sayal
Heenarustam Sayal
Prakasha & Co has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to my tax dispute and filings with IT office. They are always very responsive and helpful whenever I have any questions or issues, I recently had an issue with my sister business GST filings, and they were able to quickly identify the issue and help me resolve it. They really go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of.
moh Samn
moh Samn
''The team at Prakasha& Co made sure my company was compliant with all the legal requirements. Their attention to detail and timely response was truly remarkable."
Rizwan RS
Rizwan RS
"I was impressed with the level of customer service provided by Prakasha& Co. They were always available to answer my questions and provide guidance throughout the company registration process."

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