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Startup India Registration Application

Startup India Registration Application
Startup India Registration Application
Startup India Registration Application: Startup in India thriving. There are splendid opportunities for the entrepreneurs in the business. The Indian government has introduced many schemes and fruitful startup options for startups to boost the economy of the country. 
A startup is a product of services and innovation where a person acknowledges the demands of society and therefore works on it. Many startups in India have improvised the current status of the existing startups and have boosted them into a better version.  To plan a business initially you need to begin with the Startup India Registration Application. The Indian government under the leadership of the existing Prime Minister Narender Modi has pledged Startup India initiative. Under these schemes, the government of India promotes young talent and attracts entrepreneurs to have well-recognized businesses.   If you are planning to have merchandise, a Startup India Registration Application is very necessary. Prakasha & CO, a group of experienced legal professionals take the charges to help you in the application registration process. 

Steps for the Startup India Registration Application

Prakasha & Co shed light on the details required to have the Startup India Registration Application. In total, there are six steps involved in the process of registration for which we have given a detail. 

Step 1: Incorporate your Business

Initially, you have to start by making your company authorities firm under the Private Limited Company, Partnership firm, or Limited Liability Partnership. You have to register under the Partnership frim Act and get the certificate of registration. Prakasha and Co. specialize in Partnership firm registration and all kinds of legal services. You can contact us for any movement for the consultation.  Incorporate your Business Once the requirements of the Startup India Registration Application are fulfilled, you have to apply to the registrar along with the fee and the documentation. 

Step 2: Register with Startup India

After your business is registered in the partnership act, the next step involves “Register with Startup India” The process is very simple and you can register online on the Startup India Website. You need to log in to the site and click on the registration button.  You will witness “Crean an ACcount” fill your details over it. This will take you to the next step which is the OTP which you will receive on your email and further instructions that as the username and the type of the startup.  Once your profile is created, you will receive access to the resources of startup programs, funding options, various government schemes, and access to the resources of the market. You are now one step ahead in your Startup India Registration Application  

Step 3: Get DPIIT Recognition

After the above two steps are a success, you are now to process under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) Recognition. Get DPIIT Recognition This will open the doors to the following perks.
  • Relaxation in public procurement norms
  • Assured quality services for property services and resources
  • Privilege in the Tax for 3 years
  • Access to the easy generation of funds.
  • Easy winding of company
  • Tax exemption on investment above fair market value
  • Under labor and environment laws, you will get a tax exemption. 
National Single Window System (NSWS) website You have to logo to receive the perks and then you have to “Apply for DPIIT Recognition” which is available under the registration button of the Startup India Registration Application. 

Step 4: Recognition Application

After the above steps, you will be redirected to the page of “Startup Recognition Application” The application will ask about details such as the address, partnership details, certification for the startup activity, and more. You have to fill each section with the details, in the Startup India Registration Application. Recognition Application Once your details are filled in correctly, you have to apply. Note that you have to fill in the details correctly, if done wrong, you have to state the process again. It is better you consult the professional Prakasha & Co.  Startup Recognition Form

Step 5: Documents for Registration

Documents are required for the registration process. Follow are the documents:
  • Patent and trademark details, if any
  • Proof of funding, if any
  • PAN Number
  • Adhar Card
  • Incorporation/Registration Certificate of your startup
  • In the case you have an office or a registered website, it needs to be provided.
  • Authorization letter from the legal representative of the company, LLP, or partnership firm

Step 6: Recognition 

Finally, after the process of the Startup India Registration Application is completed, you will receive the recognition number. This will take 2 business days at least. Once it is done, you can process the final details and start your business with easy access. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Who is eligible to register in the Startup India? Answer 1. An entity that is working toward the development and welfare of society is bringing innovation to the fields and has an annual turnover not exceeding more than Rs 100 Crore is eligible for the startup India registration.  Question 2. What benefits a person will receive with the registration? Answer 2. A person will receive perks such as relief in taxation for three years, recognition from DPIIT in the startup, and self-certification of the six labor laws and three environment laws. Question 3. How can I attract investment and customers to my business? Answer 3. Firstly, go with the product that has steller demands in the market and is productive toward the society. Secondly, engage in a health registration startup ans and present a sustainable business model to the investor.  The aspect that will improve the client base is the registered business from the Partnership Registration law. 

Consult Prakasha & Co.

For more details on the  Startup India Registration Application, you can be in touch with the experts of the industry, Prakasha & Co. We will help resolve the issues instantly. Email- Call- 07019827351

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